Julie Salvador, PhD

Principal Investigator/Project Director

Julie Salvador, PhD, is Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Division of Community Behavioral Health where she serves as the Department’s Director of Implementation Science Research.  She has worked in Substance Use Disorder research in New Mexico since 2008, with a particular focus on Health Services Research and Implementation Science.  She has served as Principal Investigator/Project Director under funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Her current research includes examining the impact of participating in the Extensions for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO) on expansion of buprenorphine treatment in rural primary care, conducted in collaboration with co-investigators Snehal Bhatt, MD, Vanessa Jacobsohn, MD, and Larissa Maley, PhD.  Dr. Salvador is also the Principal Investigator/Project Director for New Mexico’s State Opioid Response grants. This series of grants was funded in 2017, includes $38 million in state funds to address prevention, treatment, recovery and harm reduction services to address opioid and stimulant use disorders. Dr. Salvador has been an invited speaker for national implementation science-focused conferences, workgroups, and webinars. She is a founding member of the Society for Implementation Research Collaboration.


NM Bridge Implementation Team:  
As Principal Investigator/Project Director for the State Opioid Response grants, Dr. Salvador is responsible for project oversight, ensuring successful hospital startup and sustainability over time.  In this capacity, Dr. Salvador is responsible for identifying and supporting content experts who provide external facilitation to sites. This includes those with expertise in opioid use disorder, use of FDA approved medications particularly buprenorphine, hospital functioning–particularly emergency departments, expertise in billing and payment models, peer support services, and community partners to provide ongoing treatment.  Dr. Salvador is also responsible for linking the NM Bridge Implementation project with larger SOR and statewide programs to leverage ongoing efforts (e.g., expansion of treatment in primary care and criminal justice involved settings) and reduce duplication.