24/7 Urgent Call Line

The New Mexico Poison & Drug Information Center, in collaboration with the New Mexico Bridge Project, has developed a 24/7/365 service to answer questions about opioid use disorder, opioid withdrawal management, or buprenorphine initiation. Call the New Mexico poison control center anytime to receive a free patient consultation from pharmacists and physicians on opioid use disorder treatment.


Click here to visit the NM PCC website.

What is the number?


Who can call?

Any clinician from a NM hospital or clinic can call with questions:  ED, UC, L&D, Med/Surg, ICU, etc.

What support is provided?

  • We have extensively trained the Poison Center tox pharmacists.
  • The toxicology pharmacists are always supported by a board certified addiction medicine specialist on-call
Poison Help poster