Director of Clinical Implementation;

Co-lead for Statewide Infrastructure Development

Eric Ketcham MD, MBA, FACEP, FASAM, FACHE, is an emergency physician and addiction specialist, board certified in addiction medicine.  He is co-founder and current chair of the Pain Management and Addiction Medicine Section of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), and a past president of the New Mexico ACEP chapter.  Since 2012, he has been at the forefront in developing effective administrative methods for reducing opioid administration and prescribing in the ED, as well as successfully initiating opioid addiction treatment in the ED.  He served as the medical director of the ED at San Juan Regional Medcal Center in Farmington for 10 years.  He now works full-time for the Presbyterian Health System, working half-time as an emergency medicine physician, and half-time in behavioral health as an addiction medicine specialist.  He has served as the medical director for the New Mexico Treatment Service clinic (methadone clinic) in Farmington for five years. He is involved in multiple advocacy, policy, and educational projects to improve access to care of patients with substance use disorders.  He recently faciliated passage of HR 2281 in the US Congress to expand dispensing of buprenorphine from the emergency department.  He has been called to Washington DC twice to deliver congressional briefings on matters related to opioid use disorder, and in 2016 was called to testify before the US Congress, House Judiciary Committee in a hearing regarding the impact on patient care of the rapid price increases of naloxone and buprenorphine. He has been interviewed by NPR, NBC, and other media outlets for his work on opioid addiction.

NM Bridge Implementation Team:  
Director of Clinical Implementation; Co-lead for Statewide Infrastructure Development – Based on his prior experience implementing buprenorphine expansion in hospital settings in New Mexico, Dr. Ketcham provides overall direction for engagement with hospitals in the NM Bridge Implementation project including development of the “implementation blueprint” with key milestones to be met by each hospital division and monitors for completion.